Lexington Regional Health Center Breaking Ground


Hospitals across the state continue to grow; and on Thursday afternoon, Lexington Regional Health Center began their road to a new addition and hospital renovation.

The project will cover more than 30,000 square feet with an estimated price of around $25 million. They have a $15 million loan from USDA and $5 million from Great Western Bank. The rest will come from fundraising and donations.

The most important upgrade is the addition of another operating room, going from two to three.

"You can flip from one or to the next operating room very quickly. This means you schedule two specialists at the same time that are doing surgery at the same time," said hospital CEO Leslie Marsch.

There is a possibility of adding a fourth operating room if necessary. Additionally, the post-surgery recovery room will be made larger. And after renovations are complete, the hospital will no longer need shared patient rooms.

Hospital officials hope to have it finished by fall of 2015.