Lexington Stabbing Update


The Lexington man accused of stabbing someone to death was in court for a preliminary hearing Monday.

Navor Millan has been charged with second degree murder and use of a weapon to commit a felony. Prosecutors said Millan has already confessed to the murder of Douglas Matzar.

It all started Saturday, December 28 at the Walmart in Lexington when an argument broke out as two groups were leaving. Police said the two groups followed one another back to 312 West High Street around 2 a.m. leading to a deadly altercation.

Navor Millan told police Matzar punched a younger kid with him, causing the attack. The weapon was a Coleman knife with a blade five inches long.

Police say Millan stabbed Matzar several times then called an ambulance for his victim. Matzar was rushed to Lexington Regional Hospital where he was confirmed dead.

According to authorities Millan informed investigators at the scene that he had stabbed the man but could not recall how many times.

An autopsy revealed Matzar was stabbed twice in the chest and temple and had a small laceration below the belt. Both stab wounds to the chest were the length of the blade. Matzar also suffered three broken ribs, a punctured lung, a punctured liver and a lacerated heart.

Prosecutors said the stab wounds were so deep and delivered with so much force that it was obvious to them that it was not an accident.

David Martinez, 26, and Gregory Franco, 20, both of Lexington, were also arrested for third degree assault in connection with the incident.

No bond will be set for Millan.

His arraignment has been set for January 28.