Lexington's J2 Hydro Plant Popular Attraction For Bald Eagle Viewing

The number of eagles at a popular Nebraska viewing site are down this year, according to a long–time volunteer, but that's not stopping tourists from flocking to the area.

Power plants and bald eagles might seem like an unusual match, but it's been a perfect union since the late 80's at Lexington's J2 hydro plant.

Although the eagle sightings haven't been as high this year, visitors say they're grateful for the opportunity.

"I came out here on the 28th, December, the first day we opened, the first couple waiting for me was from London, England," said volunteer Eldon Beck. "And I see someone signed in yesterday was from Brazil."

"I think they educate them because the American eagle is America's bird,"said visitor Betty Johnson. "And they should see them when they have a chance and honor them, you know. I just love all kinds of birds anyway."

J2 is open for public viewing on weekends until the end of February or early March.