"Life Wide Open" is the New Slogan in Hastings


Hastings is using an advertising campaign to attract new businesses and visitors to the city as the latest census numbers show a population decline in 66 percent of the state’s counties.

Their new slogan is “Life Wide Open” and the city wants to let people know there is opportunity in Hastings.

Mayor Vern Powers says he thinks it is time to update their web presence.

“You have people all over the world that check back on your city, I check back on cities I've lived before all the time to see what’s going on, see what friends are in town,” said Powers.

Six groups in the city created a central website for anyone who looks up information about Hastings on the web. The budget for this advertising campaign is $50,000, which will go toward billboards, newspaper advertisements and television spots.

Hastings hopes to get the entire community involved. They want people on social media to upload photos using the hashtag #LifeWideOpen.