Lincoln Boy Relives His Wish


One Lincoln child who is fighting cancer gets to relive his wish again. Thursday night at the Younes Conference Center, the 7th annual Greater Nebraska Make-A-Wish fundraiser took place and 12-year-old Cayden Hubbard provided the evening's entertainment.

Cayden was diagnosed with a brain tumor around the age of six. He has fought through five surgeries and not too long ago, the Make-A-Wish foundation granted his wish of becoming a pop star by sending him to Los Angeles to perform.

Cayden was received at Thursday's event with a standing ovation. As he walked up on stage, the crowd chanted his name.

He performed three songs for the evening. During his performance, the audience cheered clapped and waved their arms to the melody.

After the Cayden concert ended, he broke down his performance.

"I thought it was really good. There are always parts to improve, but I thought I did pretty well," Cayden said.

When he sat down from his performance, members of the audience asked for his autograph; members of the Tri-City Storm asked to take a picture with him.

The pop star also spoke about how great the Make-A-Wish program is.

"It's something every wish for children who have cancer. It's fun to get money for Make-A-Wish so they can have money to help them too," Cayden said.

There were more than 300 people in attendance Thursday at the fundraising event including the UNK volleyball team and Senator Tom Carlson.