Lincoln County Museum


Millions of troops traveled across the country by railroad before heading off to World War II. Imagine leaving home for the first time and going off to war. But before you left you got a heroic sendoff in North Platte.
"It really gave them a jump start, so they were ready to go and they knew they were fighting
for these ladies," explained {A href="" target=_blank}Lincoln County Museum Curator James Griffin.
The women at the canteen served six million troops during World War II as they traveled across the country on the railroad before going to fight. "These ladies treated them like sons."
The Lincoln County Museum remembers the canteen as well as the pioneer spirit. "It's always important to keep the memory of your history, your local history alive and this is a big part of Nebraska history as well as Lincoln County history," Griffiin said.
A Lutheran church, barbershop, antique tractors, and blacksmith shop take you back in time.
"We get a lot of people who say,'My grandpa did that or older people say my dad used to do that and did blacksmithing on the farm. It brings back memories for them. The younger kids are amazed that you could do it without the modern tools," said blacksmith Gib Larsen.
Located right next door to Nebraskaland Days and the Buffalo Bill Historical Park, it's a great place to take an afternoon and learn some history.
"They can go and see Buffalo Bill and everything he did and then they can go and see us and see what else was happening when Buffalo Bill was alive or they can see this place and get a background and then go to the Buffalo Bill ranch and get more detail either way it works out well," said Griffin.