Lineworkers Stress Safety at State Fair Competition


Those keeping the power on competed at the Nebraska State Fair Saturday.

It's the third year for the Lineworkers Rodeo, drawing power workers from across the state.

Organizers said it was their best year yet with 10 teams and 16 apprentices.

They said it's a chance for companies to learn from each other and to work on safety skills they use on the job.

"There's individuals across the country that are killed each year doing this type of work; and one thing this rodeo does is promote the safety and awareness," said Rick Hasenpflug of Lincoln Electric System.

"The first thing and the most important thing is safety and making sure that they do their job safe; and then we do use the time to help as a tie-breakers so that way if two teams both do it perfectly, we can still have a winner at the end," explained Trevor Roth of Nebraska Public Power District.

This is the only rodeo of its kind in Nebraska.

An international event is held in Kansas City every year and the American Public Power Association has a rodeo that changes locations, according to Roth.