Live Here, Give Here: Non-Profits to Benefit from Give Hastings Day


On May 1 a 24-hour online giving event will benefit more than 50 non-profits in the Hastings area.

Give Hastings Day co-chair Dean Moors says donors can go online and choose from 52 non-profits within the city and Adams County.

“First time we’ve ever done it, we’re excited about it, we’re excited for the non-profits actually – we think it’s going to be tremendous exposure for them and their programs or their project that they’re working on,” said Moors.

Organizers say they want it to be a day of additional giving and not take away from what donors are already doing.

“This will be a gift up and above that,” says Moors.

RuAnn Root, executive director of Court-Appointed Special Advocates, or CASA, of South Central Nebraska, says Give Hastings Day will help them fill the financial gaps that they and other non-profits often face. She says a lot of little gifts can have just as great of an impact as a large one.

“If everybody in the Hastings area would join hands together and give something to any non-profit, it would mean so much to any of us because so much of us live with just shoestring-type budgets that this is just going to give us another breath of life that we’re so appreciative for,” says Root.

Moors recommends browsing through their list of recipients so donors can decide which causes are close to their hearts, and also learn more about things going on in the community.

“A lot of these people may or may not know some of the non-profits that are actually in our community, and it allows them to read what’s important to them and they may choose not only one or two non-profits, they may end up giving to five or ten,” he says.

Click HERE to visit the Give Hastings website where the online giving will take place.

Donors can also give in person at the Hastings Community Foundation on May 1.