"Livestock Challenge" Offers More Opportunities For Exhibitors


An area livestock show offers possibilities for youth in agriculture that spans beyond the arena.

For seven years, the Loup Valley Livestock Challenge has brought Nebraska's best county fair Grand Champions center stage for one last pass before the state fair.

It's a lot of work, but these youth are doing what they love by learning the value of their livestock.

Officials say in order to keep the industry alive, youth need a way to get into the business.

"A show like this can't hurt anything, it may not be the thing to start," said event sponsor Gene Cone, "but I guarantee you, you meet more people, you get exposed to more operations, and it can't hurt your exposure."

And with the number of participants at shows like this, exhibitors are confident in the future.

"I say that agriculture is still very much alive," said participant Cassie Thunker. "And with all these young kids out there, it just shows that our future is very bright and these kids come out here and build relationships with these cattle for life, and it's what we love to do and I've, I think we'll all keep doing it throughout our lives."

More than 200 entries from Nebraska, Kansas and Iowa participated in the two day challenge including beef, swine, sheep, horses and goats.