Local Body Shops Busy with Hail Damage Repairs


Thousands across the state are dealing with hail damage, leaving local businesses swamped.

Monday, Grand Islanders were the latest to look for repairs after up to baseball-sized hail fell in the area Friday.

Katie Hixon was downtown when it happened.

"I went out. I got one that was about the size of my palm," she said.

Hixon didn't notice the damage to her vehicle until the next day.

Now she's one of dozens trying to get repairs.

"It's been very crazy,” said Annette Levander, owner of Levander’s Body Shop. “We've had customers coming in all morning since 8:00 this morning, back to back."

Levander said most of the damage they're seeing will cost about $3,000 and take three to four days to repair.

If a window needs replaced, it could take longer.

"There was so much damage in Omaha that a lot of the aftermarket glass that you could get from the aftermarket glass company are not available anymore. You have to go straight to the OEM dealer, such as Kia or Hyundai,” said Levander.

She said that could add a couple more days to the repair.

But before you ask for a fix, Levander said talk to your insurance company.

"There are a couple of insurance companies that have a catastrophe team writing their own estimate so always check with your insurance company first to see if they have that,” she said.

That's Hixon's plan.

"I got to call Progressive, get my claim filed and then come back and get that all figured out," she said.

One insurance agent told NTV that his team has already taken 3,000 hail claims across the state. That doesn’t include the latest damage in Grand Island.

Unfortunately, experts say there's no way to prevent this kind of damage other than parking your vehicle in the garage.