Local Boy's Story of Heaven Hits Big Screen


A local family's story of faith hits the big screen, just in time for Easter.

"Heaven is for Real" is the story of Colton Burpo, a boy from Imperial, Nebraska.

He underwent emergency appendectomy surgery when he was four and claims he went to heaven.

Burpo's father Todd is a pastor, and with the help of an author, wrote a book about the boy's view of the afterlife.

Many are skeptical about the story, including many Christians who say the best-selling book is not based on the bible.

State Senator Mark Christensen attends the Burpo's church, and says he saw first hand what he calls a miracle.

Christensen told NTV, "I have lived through it, it is truly an event that has occurred. It is life changing to live through it, and be involved in that church body. I literally was at the church when there was somebody from every church in town at Crossroads Wesleyan praying and the miracle occurred."

As for folks in Imperial, the movie theater has several showings and expects big crowds.