Local Business Warning Others About Scam


A local business is taking steps to warn others after almost falling victim to a phone scam.

The owner of Thunderhead Brewery says scammers claiming to be with Nebraska Public Power District said the business owed nearly a thousand dollars, crews were on the way to cut power, and needing payment within 30 minutes.

Owners say money wasn't directly asked for, but said something didn't add up when the scammers asked them to go to Walgreens to pay.

"That sounded kinda fishy and I didn't have time to run to NPPD, and had to pay it and get back here," said Thunderhead Brewery owner Trevor Schaben. "But I just went there anyway to see if it was real, cuz I figured just didn't make sense because a couple things didn't add up enough, a few red flags -- the bill wasn't high enough for one thing."

NPPD officials say this isn't a new scam, adding that's not the way they do business.

"I think the tip off is that they're telling people to go to Walgreens and pay their bill through there," said NPPD spokesman Mark Becker. "We would never ask a customer to do something like that. We would ask them to come to the Customer Care Center and take care of their bill there."

Becker encourages customers to call NPPD Customer Care directly or go to a customer service center in their community if they receive similar phone calls, and to notify law enforcement.

REPORTER'S NOTES: The NPPD customer call center phone number is 877-ASK-NPPD (275-6773).