Local Businesses Caught Serving Alcohol to Minors


The Nebraska State Patrol said Attitudes in Axtell, American Legion in Gibbon, San Pedro and a Kwik Stop in Kearney were all caught serving alcohol to minors this past Friday.

The State Patrol uses people under the age of 21 to help them check up on these businesses. These individuals attempt to buy alcohol to see if businesses across the area are following the rules.

"When new liquor license are issued our investigator does mention the protocol of compliance checks to them and how to address underage alcohol sales," said member of the Nebraska State Patrol Jeromy McCoy .

McCoy explained the discipline process.

"The individual clerk is issued a citation for selling alcohol to a minor, the store also issued an administrative citation and they have to appear before the liquor commission to determine the penalty," said McCoy.

The agency said incidents like these are usually training issues amongst the employees and simply a mistake.

"I usually just card everybody unless I know who they are, even then I card them," said Allison Baker, a bartender at Old Chicago in Kearney.

Baker said the restaurant could be at risk of losing their liquor license if they serve alcohol to a minor. Any employee at Old Chicago who breaks this rule is fired.