Local Family Wraps Teddy Bears For Newtown Victims


The Newtown, Connecticut tragedy a couple weeks ago sparked an idea in a local family to give teddy bears to the families who lost their loved ones.

"I had to control myself; I wanted to go get them from school," said Amber Hageman, remembering back to that horrific day.

Amber's 6-year old son Wyatt was watching the news on December 14 which also happens to be his birthday.

"I wanted to go get him and protect him from all the bad stuff," said Hageman.

This caught Wyatt's attention and he decided he wanted to donate teddy bears to the families suffering in the Northeast.

"I posted on Facebook wanting to know if people had any teddy bears-- thinking we'll get 10 or 12 and we can mail them off. As you can see it exploded on me," said Hageman.

Over 200 teddy bears donated from local families kept the Hagemans busy.

"I'm very surprised," said Hageman. "I'm honestly very proud of my son".