Local Farmers Want Warmer Weather and More Rain


The past month the temperature has been all over the place. We have seen 80 degree weather and 35 degree weather. The shifting trend has caused problems for farmers during planting season.

Pleasanton farmer John Martin has been planting corn seed for ten hours a day for the past three weeks. Some of it has emerged, but some still hasn’t.

“We’re starting to irrigate to thicken up our stands and increase emergence on those crops that cost producer money its risky applying water this early in the season,” said Martin.

The UNL extension office reports lots of farmers west of Kearney have already started using their pivots. The lack of rain is not the only problem; the weather has been very inconsistent.

“It builds up your confidence a little bit of ‘yes its finally warming up we can hit the ground running’ and then it bounces back to 30s and 40s and you are not making any progress,” said Extension Educator Tyler Williams.

Martin is hoping for warmer temperatures to entice the germinated seed to emerge and grow, over the next week he is hoping to see a couple inches of rain. Williams reports there has been no precipitation the past month between Kearney and North Platte.