Local Flower Shops Busy for Valentine's Day


Flowers are one of the most popular gifts to give and receive on Valentine's Day, making the day one of the busiest of the year for local floral shops.

Holdrege Floral has been around for decades and they know what to expect when Valentine's Day nears allowing them to be prepared well in advance.

Ordering the flowers for the holiday of love usually takes place right after Christmas for most stores. Figuring out just how big of an order will be needed can be the tricky part.

Floral shop employees know roses are the big favorite, but they say there are others types of flowers that are very popular.

"Roses are probably the most popular; lilies and then mixed bouquets would be next. People like colorful, bright mixed, cheerful and happy bouquets as well," said longtime owner of Holdrege Floral John Rupe.

Getting orders ready, prepping the bouquets and then sending out the orders on the big day takes added man power, even for a smaller town. Holdrege Floral will normally add six to nine workers helping out around Valentine's Day, both for deliveries and for taking flower orders.