Local Law Enforcement Warn of Health Care Scams


Confusion over the Affordable Care Act is leading to a number of scams local authorities are now warning you to look out for.

They say some scammers are even training as "health care navigators" before calling to get your information.

Others will pose as Medicare officials and ask to update or verify your information.

Fraudsters are also telling victims that they need an "ObamaCare Card" to take advantage of new health care laws. They'll then ask you to either pay up or give up your social security number to get it.

"They say it's the law and if you don't comply you'll be fined or penalized. They tell just enough truth to worry people and when somebody says, hey I can take care of that for you right now if you give me the information – if you're not up to date – you just might give them that information," Grand Island Police Officer Butch Hurst.

Officer Hurst says never trust someone who calls you claiming to be a health care navigator or government employee.

"If somebody calls you cold or someone calls you at your home and asks you questions, makes a promise that you'll get your stuff free, it's probably at scam," said Hurst.

Hurst also says be on the lookout for pop-ups with fake health exchange websites.

If someone does try to scam you Hurst says save the phone number or email and contact the Attorney General's Office or local law enforcement.