Local Nonprofits Score Big with 24-Hour Giving Events


The Grand Island area's Go Big GIVE event and Hastings area's Give Hastings Day were big hits Thursday, raising thousands of dollars for local non-profits.

Go Big GIVE raised over $250,000 for 62 non-profits in Hall, Hamilton, Howard and Merrick counties. Give Hastings Day raised nearly $340,000 for more than 50 local non-profit organizations.

Both events kicked off at midnight on Thursday, May 1 and continued for 24 hours. People interested in donating were given an opportunity to give online or in person. The goal was to not only raise money for the participating non-profits, but also to raise awareness for these important community organizations.

Hastings Museum benefited most from Give Hastings Day, raising over $18,000.

The Edgerton Explorit Center in Aurora came out a big winner in the Go Big GIVE event, with over $30,000 raised.

See how much was raised by other organizations for Go Big GIVE and Give Hastings Day.

A Go Big GIVE event has already been set for May 1 of next year.