Local Organizations Release new Video in Light of Sexual Assault Awareness Month


April is National Sexual Assault Awareness Month and two local organizations have come together in an effort to shine light on the issue in surrounding communities.

The Kearney S.A.F.E. Center and UNK's Sexual Assault Response Team took part in the making of an informational video back in 2012, and are promoting it in light of sexual assault awareness month.

Some local actors were used in the making of the video.

Officials say they hope it will educate the community on the value of a sexual assault response team.

Kearney is one of few communities that have such a team, and it has proven to be beneficial in the community.

"We are trying to do a lot of different activities to make sure that the community is aware that we all are responsible for coming together to try and prevent further sexual violence in our community. And also to make sure that anyone who has been a victim of sexual assault knows that there are services available for them," said Nikki Gausman, of the Kearney S.A.F.E. Center.

The promotional video, "Break the Silence" was filmed at the Rosebud Indian Reservation in South Dakota.

The video also will be distributed to Native American communities where crimes against women are extremely high.

But Gausman reminds the public that sexual assault is not just something that happens to women, but to men as well -- and officials hope the stigma attached to that can be broken with the month's special awareness efforts.

The 20 minute video is available at and on the S.A.F.E. Center's website.