Local Plumbers Busy After Cold Bursts Pipes


The dangerous wind chills were goneTuesday, but they continued to cause problems.

A small hole in a burst pipe flooded YWCAExecutive Director Anita Lewandowski Brown's office Monday.

"There was probably about an inchof water in there and we could hear the water just gushing," she said.

Turning that water off meant closingthe YWCA on Tuesday. Staff blame the extreme cold.

"We have an outside wall and wehave a water pipe that runs there," said Lewandowski Brown. "It froze and thenit burst; so a tiny little hole created a big mess."

Now comes the clean-up after a plumberreplaced the pipe Tuesday morning.

"We couldn't get a hold ofanybody [Monday] night so we didn't know when we might have it fixed," saidLewandowski Brown.

That's because the YWCA wasn't theonly victim of the cold. About a dozen plumbers told NTV they were too busy totalk Tuesday.

Herman Plumbing said their crews wereout until 8:00 p.m. Monday and in early again Tuesday.

Staff there said make sure yourexterior walls are properly insulated to prevent your pipes from freezing.Also, open cabinets and doors to rooms you don't use often to help heat yourpipes.

Although Monday's wind chills weren'ttypical, plumbers tell NTV calls like this are whenever there's a major dip intemperatures.

The YWCA will reopen Wednesday.