Local Political Meetings Important To Candidates


With the primaries just around the corner, local political meetings grow ever more important to both constituents and candidates.

The Buffalo County Democrats held their monthly meeting in Kearney on Monday night. Those in attendance included attorney general candidate Al Eurek, and House candidate Mark Sullivan.

They say these meetings are important to share their message and to help with campaigning on a much smaller level.

"The attorney general's race came on everybody really quickly. There wasn't the usual lead up because Jon Bruning didn't decide until really late to leave the office and run for governor," said democratic candidate for attorney general Al Eurek. "So everybody's been scrambling, so this is a great opportunity to have people get themselves acquainted with their party candidates."

"We have folks like this, men and women," said U.S. House of Representatives democratic candidate Mark Sullivan. "Working people who care about politics who care about their district and their state, who want change -- they want positive change."

Voters can cast their ballots in the primary election on May 13th.