Local Democrats Gear Up For Upcoming Elections


With the primary elections just a couple months away, local parties are taking steps to make their presence heard.

After a few months off, the Buffalo County Democrats are reorganizing to rally around those running in their prospective races.

There's nearly 6,000 registered Democratic voters in the county. The hope is to energize those voters and reach out to other parties to send the message that Democrats are here to win.

"There's an open Gubernatorial seat, I'm hoping we can capture the Governorship," said Buffalo County Democrats Associate Chair Mike Zgud. "We have a great candidate in Dave Domina running for Senate and we have great candidates for State Auditor, Attorney General, those incumbents are seeking other offices or are term limited so I think there's a chance."

Monthly meetings will continue once a month until the county convention.

Candidates Mark Sullivan, Janet Stewart and Luis Sotelo also attended the meeting.