Local Recycled Materials Could Go Overseas


Many Nebraskans on Earth Day are deciding to recycle as a way to give back. In Kearney, the recycling program started around 15 years ago.

What started off as a slow business has now flourished. The center has collected over 3,200 tons of recycled materials.

"Recycling has evolved over the years; over the last 20 years we started with nothing and had a little 14 by 16 foot shed that we set some wood pallets in there. We put a little label on the wall and it would say bag newspaper and have some large containers and milk jugs, soda bottles that type of thing. Really started from scratch," said Steve Hart, sanitation supervisor.

Your recycled materials don't just stay here in Central Nebraska. They can help countries looking for more resources internationally.

"We get phone calls from China, they want to buy plastic pop bottles or an item because resources are scarce and it's feasible for them to buy things say from Kearney and go overseas and make new things out of it," said Hart.

"If we didn't recycle it would all go to the landfill, be buried, take up space; nothing new is made out of it. By recycling, the landfill last longer we've seen a noticeable difference in space over the years and all new things are made out of it," he added.

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