Local Students Advance to State Science Fair

Back Row: Demetria Edgell, Newman Grove , and Andrew Fanning, Hastings St. Cecilia Front Row: Brooke Pieke, Newman Grove; Rachel Jack, Eustis-Farnam ; and Amanda Dale, Central City

Local middle school and highschool students participated in a science fair hosted by Hastings College Thursday, and several are advancing to the state competition.

The 2013 Nebraska Junior Academy of Science(NJAS) Central Nebraska regional science fair featured students from all across central Nebraska showcasing their science projects.

Ten students from the regional fair are headed to the state competition, to be held on April 19:

Junior Division:

  • Garrett Ortgiesen,Wilcox-Hildreth Schools, "Corn Germination"
  • Caleb Springer,Wilcox-Hildreth Schools, "How Much Butter is in Your Butter?"
  • Jackson VanLaningham,Wilcox-Hildreth Schools, "The Stroop and Biliguals"
  • Alec Ziebarth,Wilcox-Hildreth Schools, "How Fast is Fast?"
  • Emilee McCurdy,Eustis-Farnam Schools, "I Love Ice Cream But It Doesn't Love Me"

Senior Division:

  • Demetria Edgell, NewmanGrove Schools, "The Effect of Well Depth on Nitrate Levels in the ShellCreek Watershed"
  • Andrew Fanning, Hastings St.Cecilia, "Bridge Over Troubled Waters"
  • Brooke Pieke, Newman GroveSchools, "The Effect of Lemnaceae on Nitrate Levels in the Shell CreekWatershed"
  • Rachel Jack, Eustis-FarnamSchools, "Do Different Methods of Fruit Preserves Slow the Rate of BacteriaGrowth on Apples?"
  • Amanda Dale, Central CitySchools, "A Noisy Experiment"