Location an Issue When Attracting Business to Rural Communities


Location, location, location -- it can make or break any business, so when it comes to attracting new business in rural Nebraska, some say it's time to be creative.

There's only a handful of businesses in the village of Hayes Center, which is located on a main highway in southwest Nebraska.

Some say one big problem is the distance between bigger communities like McCook and North Platte, but say that shouldn't keep travelers or businesses away.

"We have the restaurant and bar, we have a grocery store, we have the co-op," said Hayes Center Village Board Chair Terry Wortman. "So there are people driving through, they have reasons they could stop and they could be accommodated."

"They just have to look at the other aspects of just the logistics of getting product out," said village improvement committee member Michelle Lapp. "They have to look at more call centers, that sort of thing that might be interested that they don't have to ship a product there.

Community leaders say having good curb appeal like good schools, paved streets and nice parks also play a role into attracting new businesses to these small towns.