Longtime Educators Celebrate Last Day of School


It's time to pack up the locker and say goodbye to friends, as kids celebrate the last day of school. But it's also the last day for some retiring educators.

Betty Desaire is the only principal her building has ever had. She moved with Wasmer Elementary in Grand Island when the old school was torn down, and a new one opened.

If kids get sent to the principal's office, they may not find Betty. She rarely has time in her office. Students are more likely to find her playing with kids during recess or sitting on the floor reading with kids.

She said, "That's going to be the part I'll miss. I love being busy, I love being at school and those times especially with kids will be the thing I'll miss, definitely."

Even on her last day, Betty kept the kids engaged as they got their wiggles out. And a film crew showed up to document how a school with a high poverty rate is also a high performer.

Across Grand Island Public Schools, retiring teachers and staff account for 970 years of service in the district.