Lots of Elections Uncontested in Buffalo County


The deadline to sign up for the upcoming elections was thispast Tuesday. Across the state therelots of positions that are leaving candidates to run opposed.

Kearney City Council Member Randy Buschkoetter is one of thefew incumbents who have a challenger in the upcoming election. He thinks with a lot of uncontestedraces, people like the way things aregoing.

"If people were very unhappy with their government theywould certainly be more likely to run and to resist what the government isdoing," said Buschkoetter.

More than ten races in Buffalo County are uncontested.University Nebraska-Kearney Professor Claude Louishomme believes the communitygains more knowledge in races when there are multiple candidates campaigning forvotes.

"When you have two or more strong candidates who are advancingdifferent ideas, you get a lot more attention you help citizens understand,"said Louishomme.

Louishomme adds voter turnout is always down in off yearelections.