Loup City Family Receives Donated Car


A Loup City family in need was given a car.

Kris Stieb has been working to pay the bills as his daughter Natalee fights various illnesses that have left her in a wheelchair.

Last year the 8-year-old had nine surgeries.

Credit Management donated the vehicle and, with the help of the United Way, handed over the keys Tuesday.

The family only had one car to get Natalee to numerous medical appointments and surgeries in Omaha and Minnesota and get Kris to work in Grand Island.

"This is going to be amazing and it's going to help us not only with an emergency situation, but just getting her to her appointments on time and being able to do some of the fun things that otherwise we'd miss out on," said Mandy Stieb, Natalee's mother.

"I can be at home and get to work and I don't have to worry about everybody just kind of stuck in Omaha, or like [Mandy] said, if something was to happen," said Kris.

The Stiebs say Natalee's condition can change in an instant and their old plan to get her to the hospital in an emergency was by ambulance.

You may remember the Stiebs from a story we aired back in February.