Loup Valley Livestock Challenge Stays True To Roots


An area livestock show offers an extra opportunity for State Fair goers to put the finishing touches on their technique with no pressure involved.

It's not a State Fair qualifier, but a stress free environment for these participants, at day two of the "Livestock Challenge".

This regional event started as a fun show seven years ago, bringing in Grand Champion winners from county fairs the opportunity to show their skills.

Now, with over 200 entries from 36 Nebraska counties and two neighboring states, this show stays true to its roots.

"If you're here in the barns, it's a great time. Everyone's just relaxed, no pressure on this show," said Platte Valley Ag Association President Terry Christensen.

"It's just come, have a good family time. You can go to the barns, they're just out there visiting and nobody's out there to beat anybody, they're just here to have fun."

Mostly all participants who are showing are already in the state fair and AKSARBEN competitions.