MACURH Conference at UNK


Morethan 500 college students will be at the University of Nebraska at Kearney for the2012 Midwest Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls (MACURH)Conference, Friday- Sunday, Nov. 2-4.

Theconference, titled "MACURH the Musical," is a leadership conference forstudents involved within the Residence Life systems at their respectiveinstitutions in the Midwest region. The MACURH region consists of North Dakota,South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Kansas and Manitoba, Canada.In all, 41 colleges and universities have registered.

Throughoutthe conference, the delegates will attend sessions on topics that relate toresidence halls and the communities built through them. Delegates will alsohave opportunities to get to know each other through mixers and socialevents.

TheResidence Hall Association and the National Residence Hall Honorary at UNK formed the conference board to apply for the bid and plan theevent.

"Theevents of the conference promote networking between schools, presentation ofprogram ideas, conducting business in a boardroom setting for the betterment ofthe organization, recognizing individuals for their work and dedication, andeven a little bit of entertainment," said Justin Vogel of Scottsbluff,conference chair.

MACURHis one of eight regional branches of the National Association of College andUniversity Residence Halls, which is one of the largest student-runorganizations in the world, involving students from across the U.S., Europe,Asia and Africa.