Maine Anjou Junior Nationals Puts Kids to the Test

The hunt for a national title starts with years of early mornings and late nights. That's true not only on the basketball court, but on the farm as kids compete against the nation's best.

It takes sacrifice and dedication on the part of families, some of whom drove 18 hours with kids, campers, and cattle to make it to the Nebraska State Fair's Five Points Bank Arena.

They came for the Chi - Maine Anjou Junior Nationals.

All eyes are on the kids as they parade their animals in front of judges. But some kids didn't bring any cattle, as they compete in events designed to test their knowledge.

Board Member Cory Miller of Silver Creek said, "These kids are our future leaders, they're ag's future and cattle showing part is a big part of it. But kids learn a lot from contests, understanding business, understand agriculture, understand breeds of cattle after this too."

Barb Ohlrichs of Norfolk echoed those comments. She said, "The animal is only a token to get them here. They come here for animals in common, for everyone to get here. There's so many contests to be involved in - even just the camaraderie of being involved, enjoy the week with one another."

For many, this is family vacation. And it's not much of a break, as they have to keep cattle cool and cared for despite the heat. And the list of chores to accomplish at home grows while they're here.

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