Major Aurora Project Nears Halfway Point


Mild weather and the latest construction technology is helping move a major project in Aurora.

A new aquatic center is set to open in May. Four months before the deadline, the town's mayor said it's already about 40 percent complete.

Mayor Marlin Seaman said the electrical was brought in Monday and more cement will be poured Tuesday.

After more than a decade of planning, the project is beginning to take shape.

When Seaman visits the site of the new aquatic center, he doesn't just see construction. He can't contain his excitement as he points out slides, water features and buildings.

"Days like today, when it's nearly 50 degrees, working conditions are ideal. The contractor knows how to utilize the latest technology for building in this environment," said Seaman.

Sampson construction uses heated water to keep the ground from freezing so they can keep pouring cement.

But, this isn't just a concrete-lined pool. It'll have enough room for 400 to 500 people and 8,000 square feet of water.

"I can't wait to see adults that will come and go in the pool with their children or grandchildren because we have zero entry or a 4 foot play area. I can't wait to see the basketball goal sitting right over there where it's going to be. The slides that come down," said Seaman.

He tries to visit the site every day "to encourage the contractor to understand how important this is to me and that I represent the citizens and how important it is to all of us."

Seaman plans to be the first to go down the water slide when the pool opens in May.