Man Arrested for Sexual Assault at UNK

Trev Hubbard

A man has been arrested for sexual assault at the University Nebraska- Kearney.

Trev Hubbard has been charged with felony first degree sexual assault.

Campus police states the university averages one to three reports of sexual assault a year. But school officials think the crime likely happens far more often than what is reported.

The UNK Women's Center believes one out of every five women and one out of every nine men will be victims of sexual assault in their college career; adding that sexual assault can have lasting effects on a victim.

"They can't sleep, they can't concentrate on their studies. That's exactly what we don't need for our students who are striving to graduate with a degree," says Women's Center Director LeAnn Obrecht.

Every time a sexual assault is reported on school grounds campus police do a complete investigation and each report is sent to the Buffalo County Attorney. However, it's up to the victim to decide if they want to press charges.

The school is trying to expand awareness of this problem; next year all incoming freshman and faculty at UNK will go through a sexual assault awareness program during orientation.