Update: Man Who Pulled Gun After Accident: "I Just Blacked Out"

Bruce Sanchez

A man arrested for pulling a gun on a woman involved in a traffic accident says he "just blacked out."

Bruce Sanchez, 29, was walking with his wife and their child in a stroller at Third and Broadwell in Grand Island around 11:00 a.m. on Monday.

Officials say a woman was driving and bumped the stroller. No damages or injuries were reported in the accident.

However, after the accident Sanchez apparently pulled out a gun and pointed it at the woman in the car.

But the gun was not all it appeared to be.

The county attorney says the gun turned out to be an Airsoft-type gun "that appeared to be a real gun."

Police Officer Butch Hurst said, "People there assumed it was a real run and I guess why wouldn't you?"

Even police officers didn't immediately spot the difference. The gun is described as looking metallic, in silver and black with no color on it indicating a "toy gun."

"To even a trained eye it would've looked like a pistol to them," Hurst said.

When Sanchez was searched, police found a knife on him.

Once police were the scene his pellet gun and a knife were confiscated. He was then arrested and taken to the Hall County Jail.

He appeared in court on Tuesday, where he was charged with possession of a deadly weapon by a felon, and charged with making threats.

In court, Sanchez told Judge Art Wetzel, "I just blacked out", saying he was scared for his life and for his son.

In addition to the one-year-old boy, Sanchez said his wife is four months pregnant.

Wetzel asked Sanchez if he would be represented by an attorney, Sanchez initially declined. When the judge reminded Sanchez he faced felony charges, Sanchez was then given a public defender.

Later during the court hearing, Sanchez said, "I'll take a guilty plea right now" if this would all get cleared up.

He said he's the sole provider for his family, and that his wife is a stay-at-home mom taking classes. Sanchez said he would not be able to pay the bills if he was in jail.

"Without me we'll be kicked out," he told the judge.

Wetzel set bond at $10,000 or $1,000 cash.

The driver received a citation for the accident. Sanchez was ordered to have no contact with the woman who was driving in the accident.