Many Arrests, Citations Issued over Kearney Cruise Nite Weekend


Cruise Nite brought a lot of people to Kearney over the weekend, and with it, the need for increased law enforcement presence. The Nebraska State Patrol and Kearney Police Department have released numbers from their weekend Cruise Nite enforcement efforts.

The Nebraska State Patrol says they arrested one person for driving while intoxicated and 17 juveniles for being minors in possession of alcohol. Last year, troopers arrested two drivers for DWI and 11 juveniles for MIP.

Kearney police says they arrested 77 individuals during their Cruise Nite special enforcement; 27 of the 77 were lodged in jail. Of those, 4 were arrested for driving under the influence and 25 were arrested for MIP. Various other violations were cited as cause for the remaining arrests.

A majority of the arrests made involved persons under 21. The police department says 40 of the individuals arrested were under 21.

The Buffalo County Sheriff's Office has not yet released numbers from their enforcement effort.