Many Gun Owners Became NRA Members at Cabela's Event


The hot spot for many gun owners this past weekend was at the Cabela's store in Kearney. It was National Rifle Association weekend, and many Nebraskans showed up to sign up for the club.

"We've had a lot of participation in not only new memberships but renewal memberships," said Randy May, a member of the NRA.

Local members say people wanting to join have increased, most likely due to the talk of limiting assault rifles and other measures to limit guns.

"They have a concern about what's happening to our second amendment rights. Our constitution is very clear and a lot of people especially in Nebraska they come from a conservative background, conservative nature and they're really concerned about it," said May.

President Barack Obama says that he's seen enough and wants to stop the gun tragedies from happening.

"As a nation we have endured far too many of these tragedies in the last few years," said Obama in a statement made earlier concerning his stance on gun violence.

May says it's the rare few that spoil it for the responsible gun owners like himself.

"One rotten apple can spoil the whole basket and that's certainly applicable to that," said May.

"All of us have to make safer streets our cause," said Obama.

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