Mary Lanning Healthcare Receives Top Honor From NRC


Patient satisfaction, service and care are number one priorities for healthcare facilities.

One local facility is boasting number one rankings in all of those categories.

Mary Lanning Healthcare of Hastings has received a highly coveted award in the world of healthcare. The National Research Corporation awarded Mary Lanning with their top client award in patient excellence as this year's Patient Centered Care Champion.

NRC based the decision on the healthcare facility's achievement within categories that patients feel are most important to their quality of care, making this award extra special for the team.

"It's the patient centered award and that's really what we want to focus on. Every single day is what's best for that next patient that walks into our hospital and these awards are just evidence of the fact that we're doing it and doing it well here at Mary Lanning," says Mary Lanning President and CEO Eric Barber.

Mary Lanning scored number ones in areas of emotional support, respect for patient preferences, physical comfort and continuity and transition.

This is no easy feat as most healthcare providers receiving the award usually score highest in only one or two of these categories.