Maximizing Soybean Yield Potential


    All farmers want to increase their yields as much as possible and CPI is sharing what needs to be done to make that happen.

    There are two options available to farmers to increase soybean yields above the normal levels: a residual soybean herbicide per emerge or seed treatments like CPI's Bean Armor to help ensure good germination.

    At CPI, residual soybean herbicide per emerge's include Envive and Enlite from Dupont. Herbicides are important because troublesome winter annuals can rob the ground of important moisture and nutrients.

    CPI's Bean Armor seed treatment has a fungicide seed treatment to help protect plants against early season disease as well as helping to protect against early season insects and nemetodes.

    To learn more about increasing your soybean yields, contact your local CPI agronomist or call 402.463.5148.