McCain on Rodman: "I think he's an Idiot"


Former NBA star Dennis Rodman has comeunder fire for comments he made about an American being held in North Korea.

Rodman suggested that Kenneth Bae wasbeing detained because he had done something wrong.

Senator John McCain of Arizona didn't mincewords when asked what he thinks about Rodman and his comments.

"I think he's an idiot," said McCain.

He went on to speak about the formerstar's relationship with North Korea dictator Kim Jong-un in unfavorable terms.

He said he think Rodman is "a personof not great intellect who doesn't understand that he really does providepropaganda for one of the very brutal, ruthless young man while North Koreansare keeping an American in prison and could be endangering his life."

"In one way it's almost comic," saidMcCain, "but on the other side of it, it really does enhance his prestige withhis people. And he's one of the - the guy runs a gulag after 200,000 peoplethat's full of unspeakable cruelty. And he also has missiles and nuclearweapons. So it isn't a child's game here."

Rodman is currently in North Koreawith fellow former NBA players.

This is just one of several trips hehas made several trips to North Korea during which he has spent time with thedictator, calling Kim Jong-un his friend.