McCook Holds Vigil for Austin Wright


The city of McCook and surrounding communities held a vigil for Austin Wright, the 18-year-old whose body was found last week a few miles outside of Palisade.

The community held candles, spoke about the good times with Austin and what they will always remember about him.

"Austin was an amazing person with a huge heart," said Shelby Dike, a family friend.

Many said his heart not only touched the lives of people in McCook, but of everyone who came in contact with him; while others said he had the ability to make anyone laugh.

He was the father of three children and even though he won't be there to see them grow up, his family said he'll still have a big impact on their lives.

"I'll always tell him that his dad would have loved him and whenever he would have saw you he would have told you how much you meant to him and how much he loved you," said Chynna Younger, the mother of one of Austin’s children.

Purple ribbons representing Austin's favorite color were wrapped around the trees at Norris Park, along with red and black to symbolize efforts to stop violence. Those who attended the vigil said that although tonight was dedicated to Austin, it wasn't just about him, it was about the entire community.

A community that wants to stop the violence and wants answers.

"You kind of hear bits and pieces. A lot of rumors and so far they seem to just be speculation," said Melissa Florom, a family friend.

“I hope that if someone did do anything to him that I hope that we do get justice, because he deserves it," added Dike.

The Hitchcock County Sheriff's Office continues to be tight lipped and won't release any details concerning what happened to Austin.