McHargue Family Passionate about Feeding Body and Spirit


"Thank you for this food you've blessed us with," Mark McHargue prays over a noontime meal at the home on the family farm just outside Central City.

McHargue not only works hard to put food on his family's table, but together, this farm family is committed to feed a growing world.

And it starts with popcorn for us and field corn for the pigs.

"We grind it and it ends up as bacon and everybody loves bacon," he said. "But popcorn has a very unique quality – when people eat popcorn, they're enjoying something, they're relaxed, fun to grow a crop you can take right out of the field, pop it, consume it."

The popcorn they raise goes to Preferred Popcorn, the Chapman-based plant that ships the Nebraska snack to dozens of countries across the globe.

Mark tries to keep up with his dad, which is saying something as Les bikes around the farm. He's joined by his brother Paul, and now a fifth generation.

Jordan McHargue said, "There's not a day I don't see grandpa or dad or my uncle."

Mark's 20–year–old son runs his own machine shop, keeping the farm going. He also helps with planting, cultivating, and irrigating.

"All the stuff my dad doesn't want to do," he said with a laugh.

Mark's a busy guy himself, serving as Vice President of Nebraska Farm Bureau, the state's largest farm organization.

It's clear he has a passion to share the story of modern agriculture.

Mark said, "It doesn't need to be a mystery and it's all around us, and everyone needs to know what we do."

With his wife Judi and their four kids they're involved at Nebraska Christian School. And they are advocates for children with developmental disabilities like their daughter.

Whether it's church, school, or the farm, the McHargues want to improve things for the next generation.

Mark said, "We believe God put us here to be stewards of the land and to be good stewards we take care of it and make sure my sons are farming 30 years from now on their own, and are looking at their kids coming back that the soil, the water we drink is as good that it can be."

Last week Mark was visiting Senator Mike Johanns. This week, he's caring for hogs and getting ready to irrigate.

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