Meal Program Helps Area Families


During the school year many area families rely on their school's breakfast and lunch program.

That is why summer meal programs are especially important and beneficial to those who qualify for free or reduced lunches.

Throughout the Tri-Cities, many of the school systems have been offering summer meal programs.

"The way that we can offer meals at no charge to people is that the school has a certain free and reduced rate. So there are a certain number of kids that qualify for free and reduced meals in the neighborhood and so that qualifies the site to be a free site," explained Kris Spellman, director of nutrition services in Grand Island.

The program is a comfort for parents knowing that their children are receiving a well balanced and nutritious meal, especially during the years of rapid growth and development.

"When they're on vacation they tend to eat a lot more. And it's more expensive too. So that kind of helps us too," says one local mother.

The meal program is offered up to age eighteen, and not only does it help feed the children, but it keeps an eye on them as well.

"It's a safe place for kids to come. It's a place for them to check in with an adult and we welcome families to come with parents too. It's just a nice community, a nice community atmosphere," Spellman says.