Measures Taken to Help Keep Animals, Livestock Cool at Buffalo County Fair


As warmer weather rolls back in and with the Buffalo County Fair continuing through the next several days, ensuring that livestock and animals remain cool in the facilities is extremely important.

In recent years, many county fair facilities have taken steps to make things as comfortable as possible for fair goers and the animals. In the coming days those measures will be put to the test.

Livestock exhibits are a big attraction at the Buffalo County Fair. But weather can be unpredictable especially in the month of July, so large ceiling fans and added ventilation were put in place to help keep temperatures down in the livestock facilities.

Officials say this, along with exhibitors taking the necessary precautions will be a big help in the comings days.

"With the fans that exhibitors provide and what the fair board has provided, and the ventilation in the building, and the breeze in the building, our animals are really actually relaxed and very comfortable in their facilities," said Brian Bosshamer with the Buffalo County Extension Office.

He says exhibitors are also expected to rinse off their animals once or twice a day in order to help keep them comfortable. Things like cool wet towels and plenty of water are available to keep body temperatures down and to ensure hydration.

Bosshamer says while the temperatures are expected to rise into the 90s, this is something the animals are used to in their environments, and it shouldn’t take too much of a toll on them.