Medicaid and Long-Term Care Director Dies After Battle with Cancer


Lincoln– Nebraska DHHS Medicaid and Long-Term Care Director Vivianne Chaumont passedaway Thursday after a battle with cancer. Chaumont was 60-years-old.

Dept. of Health andHuman Services CEO Kerry Winterer said "The Department has lost a director whowas a dedicated public servant, one who cared deeply about the program sheoversaw and the people who receive those services."

"Vivianne's goal wasto manage the program so finite resources could serve as many Nebraskans aspossible. That meant sometimes she had to make difficult decisions, butshe was willing to make them for the good of the program that served over230,000 people who depend on Medicaid," said Winterer.

Chaumont was appointedby Gov. Heineman in May 2007 to serve as the director of the HHS System'sFinance and Support agency and transitioned to director of the Medicaid andLong-Term Care division a few months later.

"We appreciateVivianne's work on behalf of Nebraskans during the last 7 years as the Directorof the Division of Medicaid and Long-Term Care," said Gov. Dave Heineman. "Shehad a long and dedicated career in public service, and she should be rememberedfor her commitment to others during her life. Our thoughts and prayers are withher family during this difficult time."

Winterer said Chaumontwas especially proud of bringing to Nebraska the federal PACE program, whichhelps older Nebraskans coordinate their health care needs in community settingsas an alternative to nursing home care.

"Vivianne will bemissed," said Winterer. "We hope she is remembered as the strong, caring,capable, forceful and fun woman we all knew."

Vivianne Chaumont cameto the United States from Cuba at the age of 8. She received her bachelor's andlaw degrees from the University of California-Davis, and from 1980 to 1984 wascounsel for the California Dept. of Health Services.

She served from 1985to 2001 as a Colorado Assistant Attorney General with responsibilities as chiefcounsel for the state's Medicaid program and other public assistance and healthprograms. From 2001 to 2005, she was the director of the Medicaid AssistanceOffice in the Colorado Dept. of Health Care Policy and Financing.

Prior to beginning herwork in Nebraska, Chaumont was the CEO of ValueOptions of AZ but chose toreturn to public service. She said she enjoyed public sector work and sawpolicy making as a way to make a difference in people's lives.

She is survived bythree children: Jonathan, Colin, and Katie.