Medicaid Eligible Nebraskans May See Delay When Insurance Market Place Opens


Some Nebraskans may be facing delays when they go to apply for health insurance through the Federally Facilitated Marketplace this October.

Vivianne Chaumont, director of the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services Division of Medicaid, says the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services informed the state that the federal government can't yet provide account transfer service between Nebraska Medicaid and the Federal Facilitated Marketplace.

This means Nebraskans who apply for health insurance through the new online Marketplace and are determined to be potentially eligible for Medicaid may be seeing delays while their application sits in limbo.

Officials are currently estimating a one-month delay.

Gov. Dave Heineman responded to the news, saying, "Thisis further evidence that Obamacare is not ready for implementation. Obamacare is a deeply flawed law and its legacy is going to bemissed deadlines, increased insurance premiums and higher health care costs."

The Marketplace is a part of the Affordable Care Act, or as some refer to it, "Obamacare". Uninsured Americans will be able to choose a health insurance plan when the Marketplace opens on Oct. 1.

More information about coverage offered throughthe Marketplace can be found at