Melinda's Garden Moment: A New Look at Coneflowers


Youlove them, but you're looking for a change!Don't rip out all those coneflowers.Instead, team them up with different plants for a different look in thegarden.

Teamthem up with drumstick flowering onion. The colors blend well as the coneflowers peak through the allium. Or add a fine textured plant, like dill, tosoften the bold texture of the coneflower.

Adda splash of white to your landscape with White Swan coneflower.

Trysome of the newer cultivars for an even bigger change, like Razzmatazz, withits fully double flowers. Deadhead toincrease blooming power.

HotPapaya is the first double orange coneflower with colorful and fragrant flowers.Combine this long bloomer with other sun loving perennials.

Evenas a young plant the Coconut lime coneflower grabs your attention. It's long blooming in the garden and longlasting in a vase.

Chicagoland Grows, Inc. has introduced a new coneflower, BurgundyFireworks. This compact plant grows 18inches tall and about as wide. Thepetals (actually ray flowers) are beet red, upturned, and fused to formquills. Hardy in USDA zones 4 to 7 thisconeflower grows best in full sun and medium moist soil.

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