Melinda's Garden Moment: Botrytis Blight on Peonies and Roses


Brownbuds that fail to open on peonies and some roses, especially the white and pinkflowered varieties are likely the result of Botrytis Blight also known as GrayMold.

This fungal disease is most common incool, rainy weather as well as humid weather. Thedisease attacks a variety of ornamental and edible plants and often is specificto the plant part infected.

Thebud blast and flower blights we see here may also occur on mums, dahlias,dogwood, geraniums, hydrangea, marigolds, and sunflowers.

Lookfor the fuzzy gray growth and small black specs on the dead tissue.

Removeinfected parts and place in a paper bag for disposal. And don't compost. Only clean up during dry weather as moisturehelps spread the blight.

Ongoingsanitation, fall clean up and better weather is usually enough to keep thisdisease under control.

Several other fungal diseases can cause spots on the leaves and stems ofpeonies. These spots can be round and circularor irregular in shape. Stem cankers,sunken discolored areas, can cause twisting and even death of the stem. Sanitation is usually enough to manage thesediseases on healthy established plants.

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