Melinda's Garden Moment: Caring for Drought Stressed Lawns


Droughtand extremely high temperatures can leave your lawn looking less than spectacular.

Ifyou allow your lawn to go dormant during hot dry spells, leave it dormant untilcooler temperatures and rains return so nature can get it growing again. Those lawns taken in and out of dormancywith irregular watering are the most stressed and less likely to recover.

Doprovide lawns with ΒΌ inch of water once a month during extended droughts. This keeps the crown of the plant alivewithout breaking dormancy.

Furtherprotect your lawn by minimizing foot and equipment traffic that can injure thedrought-stressed grass.

Anddo not apply weedkillers and high nitrogen fast release fertilizers to the lawnin summer. These chemicals can damageyour lawn during hot weather. Plus, newweeds are the first to replace those the herbicide killed.

Proper fertilization will increase your lawn's ability to survive the stressesof heat, drought, and pests. Leave shortclippings on the lawn to return moisture, nutrients, and organic matter to thesoil. Use a low nitrogen slow release fertilizer, like Milorganite, that encourages slow steady growth and won'tburn the lawn during hot dry weather.

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