Melinda's Garden Moment: Creative Landscape Screening


I'moften asked "how many evergreens are needed to block the view of theneighbors?" And they want the screen torun from the front curb to the back alley.

Even though a wall of arborvitaeprovides a year round screen, you may want to mix it up for seasonalchange. Plus, if one of these shrubswere to die, how do you fill in the void left by that one dead arborvitae.

Amixed border filled with trees, shorter shrubs and perennials provides yearround beauty.

Fornarrow areas consider a vine-covered trellis.I've seen a section of old iron fencing be converted into a trellis forthe shade tolerant 5-leaf akebia vine.

Andadd a bit of privacy to your deck or patio.Use creative arbors to support vines and artwork for screening. Add a few containers to complete thisbeautiful privacy screen.

Non invasive ornamental grasses areanother option. They provide significantheight for screening with a relatively small footprint in the landscape. Use these in areas where screening is notcritical in early spring when the dried foliage is cut back to the groundlevel. New growth will quickly reachfull size in late spring or early summer. Or mix it up with evergreens. Theevergreen foliage makes a nice backdrop to the flowers and foliage of theornamental grass.

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