Melinda's Garden Moment: Edibles in Your Flower Gardens


Avegetable garden at the outskirts of the landscape is a productive way to growherbs and vegetables.

Butlimited space or a more decorative approach may have you looking for analternative.

Lookfor creative ways to include these plants in the garden. The fine texture of dill combines nicely withsurrounding ornamentals like canna. And it reseeds from year to year, weavingits way through the garden.

Thymemakes a nice edible groundcover and edger while lavender blends nicely withannuals and perennials and helps attract pollinators and other beneficialinsects.

Tucktomatoes, peppers, and eggplants, especially those with colorful fruit, intomixed borders. Use metal supports that willsoon be masked by the maturing vegetables and surrounding flowers. Or use colorful supports to save space andadd color to the garden.

And don't forget to add a few perennial vegetables and fruits to thelandscape. Rhubarb's bold foliage and thefine ferny growth of asparagus make great backdrops for annual and perennialflowers. Train grapes and kiwi up andover an arbor for shade, beauty and tasty fruit. Use strawberries as a groundcover in sunnylocations. Create an impenetrable hedgewith raspberries and a bit of shade with apples, pears, citrus and other fruittrees.

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